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Our Ideal Client Profile

At our company, we specialize in working with established businesses that generate an annual revenue of over $10 million. Our CMO consulting services are designed for mature organizations that require customized solutions.

We prioritize working with companies that have an Average Contract Value (ACV) of less than $100,000. This is because these organizations typically have shorter sales cycles and higher deal velocity, which aligns with our goal of accelerating demand. This allows us to provide our services in a more efficient manner.

To ensure successful outcomes, our engagements require active participation from the marketing team. Therefore, we prefer working with companies that have a marketing team of at least three members, including an in-house marketing leader who can collaborate with us on the project.

By adhering to these criteria, we are able to provide the most effective services to our clients and work with organizations that are the best fit for our expertise.

This is what

Private Equities and Private Equity-Backed B2B Businesses are using to get a 30% increase in revenue in 100 DAYS!

Without dificulty allocating marketing spend, aligning decision makers and marketing teams, and optimizing resource allocation to marketing channels.

100 Day Enterprise Revenue Acceleration 

We help motivated Private Equity Teams, CEOs, & Marketing Leaders launch our 100 Days Revenue Acceleration Marketing program in their portfolio businesses to deliver a 300% increase in Enterprise Revenue In 12 Months Without a Stressfully Dry Pipeline, Missing Sales Quota, and the Struggle to Scale.

Reconnecting Sales & Marketing

  1. Reconnecting sales and marketing is crucial for improving business performance and growth.

  2. Combining sales and marketing can lead to a more cohesive and efficient customer acquisition and retention strategy.

  3. Alignment of messaging and branding is a key benefit of reconnecting sales and marketing.

  4. Collaboration between sales and marketing allows for better tracking of customer behaviors and preferences, resulting in more targeted campaigns.

  5. Improved lead generation and customer conversion rates are possible with a more streamlined approach to sales and marketing.

  6. Reconnecting sales and marketing can help businesses improve their bottom line and build stronger customer relationships.

Team Alignment

  1. A qualified marketing team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, including industry insights, data analysis skills, and creative problem-solving abilities.

  2. This expertise can help businesses develop and execute effective marketing campaigns that drive engagement, conversion, and revenue.

  3. A qualified marketing team is more likely to embrace new technologies, trends, and strategies, and to take risks in order to stay ahead of the competition.

  4. This innovative mindset can lead to breakthrough campaigns and marketing initiatives that set your brand apart from others in the marketplace.

  5. Having a qualified team is crucial in today's fast-paced business environment to quickly pivot strategies and tactics in response to changing market conditions or customer needs.


Starting at $25,000 pcm

Marketing audit

Done for you Program

Integration of Skilful Pursuit's

Enterprise Revenue Acceleration Program

For CEOs who want big changes in less than 100 days


$5,000 per month

Yearly Marketing Workshop

minimum 8 hours per month

Done with you Program

Integration of Skilful Pursuit's

Enterprise Revenue Acceleration Program

For CEOs seeking advice to achieve steady revenue growth


$10,000 once off

Group Coaching

Q&A Sessions

You Implement it

Integration of Skilful Pursuit's

Enterprise Revenue Acceleration Program

For CEOs who need to sophisticate their marketing plan

Frequently asked questions

With whom should I primarily communicate and what will be the mode of communication going forward?

The Skilful Pursuit Expert you have selected for your project will be your go-to person for any inquiries or concerns regarding our services. They will be your main point of contact and will be able to help you throughout the project. In addition, once you are officially matched with your Skilful Pursuit Expert, you will be introduced to your Growth Strategist. Your Growth Strategist will be a dedicated and experienced professional who will act as your trusted advisor, providing guidance and support as you embark on your journey with Skilful Pursuit. They will be available to answer any questions you may have and help you achieve your goals. Overall, the Skilful Pursuit Expert and Growth Strategist will work together to ensure you receive the best possible experience with our services.

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Is there an additional charge for the marketing automation software and setup service?

We highly recommend using our SPS Marketing Automation software due to the inadequacy and high cost of other software solutions. Our clients often struggle with underutilizing and ineffective software, but SPS Marketing Automation offers an added advantage by working in conjunction with other platforms such as Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Zoho, or Sage CRM. As marketing and sales consultants, we have extensive experience testing various software and have found SPS Marketing Automation to be the most efficient and cost-effective option. Our software does not require replacing your current tech stack, but rather works as a plug-and-play solution that speeds up our engagement and provides immediate results without the time-consuming selection, configuration, and training process.

Our proprietary marketing automation software, SPS Marketing Automation, is the best solution for companies looking to improve their marketing efforts. We understand that many organizations have already purchased and installed other marketing software, but unfortunately, these products often fall short in delivering the desired results. This is why we are confident in our recommendation to use our software, which works seamlessly with other popular platforms like Salesforce, Pardot, HubSpot, Zoho, and Sage CRM.

As marketing, sales, leadership, and strategic consultants, we have evaluated numerous marketing software options over the years and have found that SPS Marketing Automation offers the best combination of efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability. Our software is designed to be an add-on solution, not a replacement, which means you can keep using the tools you are already familiar with and add SPS Marketing Automation to your tech stack to get the benefits of our product.

One of the significant advantages of using SPS Marketing Automation is the time and energy it saves you. The software is pre-configured and ready to use from day one, so you won't have to spend months selecting, setting up, and training a new product. With SPS Marketing Automation, you can start seeing results immediately, which is why we believe it is the best option for companies looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

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When can I expect to see results, and what kind of outcomes should I anticipate?

We understand that seeing results is important for our clients, and we strive to deliver consistent outcomes for their marketing efforts. While the results may vary based on your specific business and industry, you can expect to see progress in the form of increased revenue and improved performance within your accounts.

It's important to note that while these results may not necessarily be reflected in short-term ROI and ROAS, they are nonetheless a positive indicator of the progress being made. To help provide a clearer picture of what to expect, we will present a projected timeline during your marketing plan meeting. This timeline will take into account the unique characteristics of your business and industry to provide a realistic and achievable plan for reaching your marketing goals.

In summary, while results may not be immediate, you can expect consistent progress and growth from using SPS Marketing Automation software. Our goal is to work with you to develop a tailored plan that delivers the results you need to succeed.

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Ready to take that first Step?

Discover the ways in which Dudley can assist in increasing

the value of your business through marketing strategies.


Dudley’s Skilful Pursuit system, guidance and expertise has made a significant difference to our business. It has fundamentally changed how we do what we do.



Dudley’s Skilful Pursuit program has been enlightening, extremely impactful to the business, and even transformational in professional and personal growth.

Managing Director

Desco Electronic Recyclers

Dudley really cares about the team as a person and is
always happy to sit down with you to make sure you are hitting your goals.

They really care about everyone on the
team and help everyone to up their game every single day. It’s been truly rewarding working with someone with a great work ethic, depth of knowledge, and experience.

There are a lot of opportunities for growth working with Dudley. His strategies are remarkable and transformational.

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